Saturday, December 12, 2009


One for the ladies!

The Saturday dating post. This is some thing Ive started to unite single survivalist (that way they dont have to use JWR group meeting page) If your single and a practicing survivalist (we dont check so if your practicing is limited to internet search that's ok) send in your pic. with a brief description of your self.

Meet Adam, In Idaho, He is a survivalist living in a sturdy tin shed. He wants you to know its cold up here but, he promises to keep you warm at night!( if theirs still room for you in bed) He wants a woman that likes long walks-alone, so she stays in shape. He likes his women fit and trim!

If you or a friend is looking for a good man (and lots of him) Drop me a line to get in touch! Dont be shy, living in your bunker alone (post collapse) will really suck!

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