Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Guns for You- If you want to trade

Wanna trade? I sell things allot, several years back I dreaded the barter guys. I perceived a barter, as a cash-less bum.Now that less of us have cash, lets face it, cash is no longer KING. I think I can say with certainty tangibles are KING and gold is the only measure of wealth. With changes in the economy I have learned to be more accepting to the idea of barter. After all, if you don't want what they offer; just say no! The fact is in our current economy money is not changing hands,like it has in the past. If someone offers cash, give it some serious thought before you say no, even if it is much less than perceived value. A second person with cash will not come, been there done that. Provided you have a place for the cash to go, an example might be to buy gold with your new found cash. But , to sell a tangible to pay a bill ? I would give that more thought! By the way, a value (cash) in a stagnant economy is impossible to gauge; two reasons why, the value of the dollar is in question. There are no comparable sales to match with the dollars slump, and  perceived  stability, in relation to a given item sale. A cash value is only driven by what a person has to offer and how bad you need the cash. I don't believe, we're in a supply and demand market, as it once was.

Back to guns, trades or barter, I had a horse for sale, I have lots of horses for sale at any given time. ( I know, the gun, I'll get there in a minute)The horse market sucks right now and is not likely to improve in the near future (there are several reasons for this but that's another post). There was a guy that came over to look at a horse. He asked how much, I said make an offer, He asked for an idea, ball park price. This same horse I was offered 2k for him a year before, I turned him down, a fair price for him would have been in the 4k range. That was stupid! The market was collapsing I guess I didn't want to acknowledge it. (remember what I said about taking the money, this is why). Anyways I told the guy that story. If the truth be told I was tired of feeding horses while they steadily dropped, Hell I would have taken 250 for him I didn't say that though. But he asked about trades. Well, what do you want to trade I asked. He named of a few things the one thing that I liked was a Sig Sauer 45acp. Well lets have a look; it was near mint condition 5 magazines 2 holsters and 5 boxes of ammo. I can shoot where I live so I ran a couple of magazines through. Worked just like it should (slicker than owl shit on a door knob). Needless to say I would rather have the gun than the horse and the gun with accessories is worth 4 times the 250 I would have taken for the horse.

He got what he wanted I got what I wanted! Good trade! Another bonus, I don't have to feed a gun.


Before I leave two more things; If you live in a state that requires a transfer from a licensed person just do it. I would not put it past , A. Tobacco. F., guys, to set a person-up............. You will be, of-no-use, un-armed behind bars.
Secondly, if you can do a transfer man to man (the way it should be) get proper identification, and a Bill of Sale........By doing this you have meet the legal requirements to avoid a stolen property charge ( if it turns up stolen). If you are questioning weather its hot, or not have the seller accompany you to a local law enforcement office, have them run it. In small towns they may do this over the phone.

Happy Trails!

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  1. bummer, just love that gun, and 45s. but i live in the people's republic of new hampshire. actually, the private sale law here is very liberal, but still too far.