Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pick a Nick-name

If your relocating to a new area, especially your new retreat area, consider a new name or a nickname. An assumed name will prevent a connection, to you,  if problems arise from the wheels of justice. If the law is looking to serve you with court papers especially a summons to appear, serving the person named is often a necessary step in removing more of your rights likewise a means of applying pressure.

A legal name change is more complicated, and that's another post entirely. The nickname is just picking a new name and running with it. In small areas people will commonly ask your last name, there not necessarily being nosy, usually there trying to establish weather or not they know your relatives, so think of assuming a last name as well.

When California was railroading me, there favorite trick is to remove a driver's license, When it was transferred to Montana, they had a state requirement to serve me notice. In Montana they use deputies to serve people (in CA they contract out for process service, that's what started this whole thing. They literally threw my summons away, and got the judgment by default; try disproving you were served 12 yrs later, after they seized your money and assets).

When Montana wanted to serve me, They simply asked around town for anyone who knew me, After months they found someone who directed them to my property. If I had been using a different name this connection would never have been made. A name change is a dead end for anyone seeking to put the screws to you.

Usually Deputies will pursue the easy way of locating you, checking property records is something that doesn't occur to them (you should have your deed under a different name, how to do this is another post) The item they want to serve you with is not connected to you by any other means, If you were pulled over by the hwy patrol they would not know the sheriffs deputy is looking for you to serve you, they do not connect this type of thing by data bases. There is an envelop in the sheriffs office, when deputies have free time they grab the envelop and go look for you, sometimes they have allot of free time, therefore, more energy is applied in there quest. On the other hand if over time they fail to make a connection with someone who knows of you, they may give up assuming you are not in the area, A smart deputy will run your name for local information, like drivers license info, like, your address, Now I know you were smart and used a PO Box, on your DL.

Perhaps, you have no reason to hide. That's what I thought, once they get you its to late to hide. I dont want to just focus on a DL, there any range of things or reasons someone may want to track you down. Don't make it easy for them. If someone is tracking you down It isn't usually good and most likely there intent is not something you will enjoy.

WARNING; Some states like CA, use process servers that engage in garbage service, they will literately throw your documents away, and say they served you. This is a HUGE problem, they will then have court in your absence, then get a judgment to do what ever they want. But, again if your not locatable it will be tougher for them to have a corroborated address to claim they served you at. It makes their lies harder to make and easier for you to disprove later.

It never hurts to lay low. If you want something you know where to find it. Don't let something you don't want find you.


  1. I went to get a PO box a couple of weeks back. They told me they needed my DL and a copy of my deed so they could tie the PO Box to my physical address.

    I turned around and walked out. If I actually need mail sent to me I will have it delivered to a friend. My DL has an address that's 8 years old and the land is in the name of a trust.

  2. Ya the po box thing has gotten harder since the 9-11 crackdown. I do know some ways around the po box requirements, that's a good idea for a post.

    The deed in a trust is a great way to go.