Thursday, December 3, 2009

Its THAT- GUY over there he's THE- PROBLEM

Just sitting here listening to the radio sound bites of O-bamaaaaa. He is saying in essence; companies are keeping there profits (for themselves) and not hiring.

I can't believe he would suggest such a thing. Whats even more unbelievable  is that some people will believe it. 'WE your government  are on your side; its that guy over there HE is the problem'.

LOOK, these fuckers are sticking a gun in your face. Taking your money, and every business owners money.
If your an employee you know your tax rate is 30%  minimum for income tax. up to 90%  tax if you include hidden tax: property (renters pay it to), vehicle reg. sales tax.............the list goes-on.

If your self employed you pay minimum 50% for every hundred you make, they take half, at minimum. Most pay a whole lot more plus required business licenses, and permits. Don't forget they pay all the hidden taxes too.

The self employed (business) are paying up to 95% tax rate.............There not hiring because they have no money left.

Those fuckers (government) already took-it............That guy is NOT the problem the government IS.

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