Friday, December 25, 2009

Guest article-

I wanted to share my thoughts on the real reason for this ill conceived idea about Barack Hussein Obama Health care for all.

First, I'd like to set the stage.  It's safe to say that wherever there is illegal activity of any substance and that at least some serious cash is changing hands, that the syndicate, mob, or another words: organized crime has a hand in it.  They are either calling the shots entirely, setting the prices or taking a "cut" off of all of the activity going on.

That being said, recently there was an expose' on Medicaid fraud in the State of Florida.  According to the report, the total taxpayer money spent on Medicaid fraud has exceeded illegal substance trafficking; i.e., Meth, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc., combined in Florida.

Therefore, it's a reasonable conclusion that organized crime has a hand in Medicaid fraud. The reason for alot of fraud is that there is a federal law that requires checks to be cut within two weeks of the invoice submitted for medical expenses under the medicaid program.  There is no time  for anyone to conduct any sort of reasonable inquiry into the legitimacy of the claims submitted.

To further illustrate the gravity of the fraud just in Florida, one particular store of no more than 1,500 square feet, submitted countless invoices under the federal medicaid program for patients filling prescriptions.  This one location allegedly sold more prescription medications than Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Costco combined in Florida.

By the time the ruse was up, the owners of the "store" had already vanished; apparently tipped off by someone that the Feds were headed over.  All that was left was a few papers on the floor.  The neighbors at the business mall where this fraudulent front was located claimed that they never saw anyone at the store- ever.  Not a soul ever showed up.  No deliveries, no customers,  yet U.S. taxpayers paid tens of millions in dollars and not a single aspirin was ever dispensed to anyone!

An elderly woman was interviewed where she received a notice from the Medicaid Program that certain payments were made on her behalf to a company that provided services to her.  According to the notice she had received both arm prosthesis, both legs were also replaced.  Other procedures were also allegedly completed: a Heart pacemaker, Dialysis Treatment, on and on ad nauseum!

As it turns out, the lady was fit as a fiddle, nothing at all had been done.  The invoiced payments made on the woman's behalf exceeded several hundred thousand dollars!  She reported the discrepancies to program officials and even wrote a letter explaining the fraud.  Nothing was done!!  No one jumping up and down in amazement, threatening to chase down the perpetrators!  The excuse?  Not enough employees to track down and research the fraudulent invoices!  Just keep writing checks, that's all we have enough people to do.

So, back to the topic:  Obama Healthcare for all.  If the government can't run the medicaid program properly and responsibly for our seniors, why would we want to expand their role to 200 million Americans?  In that event, literally the money floodgates would be opened up and what is now going on illegally would mushroom to 100 times it's present size.

Will organized crime be involved?  You bet!  Does Obama know that?  Well, one thing I would say that he is not, is ignorant.  He is a smart man, unfortunately that much is true of him.  Okay, with everything else going on in the world and in this country, why does he insist on full steam ahead on the Health Care for all?  Seems to me there are campaign promises he has to fulfill.  With Acorn, all the anonymous $50.00 contributions, the missing Birth Certificate, etc., etc.  Let's not forget he is from Chicago.

Hmmmm??  Nah, organized crime's not involved in any of this!  You decide!

Keep yer powder dry.

The patriot


  1. hi bucky, and happy new year to all...

    dear patriot,

    first off i would like to say, the only thing worse than the government is government medicine. and secondly, who in their right mind would listen to an AMA approved allopathic docktor or take those opium/barbituate pills that the big pharma cartels push in the first place ?

    under regean and the bushies, the US government bought 70% of all health care, either thru the medifraud program, the military, or civil service. we already had socialized medicine for all intents and purposes. the politicians could, but won't do anything about costs, and they do control the purse strings, but, hey... if they did the right thing, well, no more campaign contributions, no free pills and no more escort and rent boy services.

    not to mention, that OBAMA-CARE is just a tax hike/ benefit cutting scheme that is shifting government handouts from the elderly to the hospital chains and the pharmacutical companies. it may be touted by the corporat whore media as "reform" and "health care for all". but it's really a tax, and a tax on the workers. they could "tax the rich", but they won't and it wouldn't make a difference since the rich ruling class parasites don't produce anything in the first place...they would just get a few drops less of the workers lives and blood.

    because, guess what, next year if you aren't paying for health insurance your going to be a criminal, a health menance to the community, and a threat to the lives of the little children if you don't get your regular dose of government mandated vaccines....

    guess, what ? not gay ? well your still going to have to get an $300 hiv shot every year.

    your daughter not a little slut ? tough luck, you'll still have to pay $900 every year for her gladisil vaccine...

  2. Just so you know RON REAGEN the ROLLS ROYCE OF PRESIDENTS, Was venomously apposed to all government Health-care. If you dont believe me check u-tube it has plenty of his speeches opposing same.