Thursday, December 31, 2009

Diet and Corn....I still worked in a jab to Government.

Over on Bison blog. (the hair guy) He had a post on diet. Basically in his post he points out, and rightly so, that today's diets are based on vegetables rather than meat. Also, that dietitians mistakenly categorize corn as a vegetable; not its correct category which is grain. ( dont be to hard on them, most dietitians are liberal and probably received there education for free on a government program, Welfare to work or something of the like. College is mostly geared towards learning to follow the leader, not on learning how to do your job. Tuition is used to support an infrastructure and to create jobs) (If it weren't for college where would you employ all the over educated socialist brain washed government loving teachers. To them life is good and our government gave them it to them, by taxing every skilled laborer) (skilled labor, Providences the products/services that support everyone else).

I personally did not know it was a grain,(I'm not a dietitian) I guess I hadn't given it much thought. Slightly off topic, I have found corn to work well to put weight on livestock quickly, for horses it needs to be ground unless you boil the cob and corn first, then some will eat it whole. Works good for cows and hogs too. Did you know that most, if not all corn grown in the Midwest is #2 corn? (we eat #1 aka sweet corn) States like CA grow the corn for human consumption. # 2 is for livestock feed.

At my table BEEF is whats for dinner every night.(sex for desert-I dont eat much sweets) I have been known to have leftover steak for breakfast. I suspect the modern diet is evolving to the activities of people today, or lack of activities of today's desk-jockey road-rage office- person. (who probably works for the state or government. More than 50% of our work force,are in a government or government funded industry) (we require more to manage our infrastructure, than to power our economy) Today's standard is low activity for most. A big steak is the last thing, most Americans need. For today's average fat ass, the most activity they get is sex, and the sex is seldom to never, probably because its too much work. I have heard some couples mount less than once a month. Its stands to reason however; most your office and government folks are probably tired from screwing the taxpayers and customers all day at work. I have included a photo for supporting facts on the diet subject.


  1. goodness, are you a FATTY HATER ?

    really, i met a guy once who swore by 'fat chicks', claimed they were low maintenence and would do kinky stuff without a second thought and wouldn't complain like a broken record the rest of the time. never heard form the guy again, maybe he broke his neck or something....

    now skinny bitches are another thing. usually, their heroin fiends, and you have to be careful about letting them near your stiffy. when you see their eyes going 'wonky' be careful, because the drugs are kicking in and they don't actually see your buddy there all ready for action, they are hungry and they see 'meat'...

    there you go, life sucks. your choice between a broken back or bleeding to death.

    btw, did you know that steroids in the meat these days will make you go bald and make your testicles shrivel up and fall off?

    and you do it every single night after a stake ?
    don't you ever read or watch TV, don't you have anything else to play with ?

    how many times a year do you take a dump eatin' steak every night ?

  2. I dont hate fatties, I just hate the government, If there fat social workers I hate them even more.

    "btw, did you know that steroids in the meat these days will make you go bald and make your testicles shrivel up and fall off?"

    I have suspected they are smaller, I thought it was just age. The hairline is receding but most guys with a high sex drive this is common. Its a curse, The bald guy needs the sex the woman has no need for a bald guy.I was just lucky to find a woman that needs sex more than I.

    I dont have a TV. so to speak just old DVD's. There is still enough time for books or internet, then sex.