Tuesday, December 22, 2009


A guy made a comment dissing Reagan....Reagan is the only president in modern time, that did NOT engage in scams for the purpose of promoting his own wealth. Ya, I know someone will say 'he did that Iran arms thing' He did that to save our ass. Your damn right he was guilty! What would you do? If he didn't give Iran the arms to defeat Russia, We would be getting all or oil from Russia. OPEC would have dumped the dollar. So ya he broke the law, but it was for the Country's best interest. Even when he was charged he didn't throw anyone under the buss, like they do now!  ALL he said was, "I don't recall".

I'll follow Reagan's lead any day!

 NOW we get this guy? I'M NOT LIKING THE CHANGE


Is this the leader of the free world?



  1. boo hoo.. your not going to like this. but ronnie the repulsive was a practicing satanist and a nazi scumbag..

    if you dare to take a look at the book BAD: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JAMES CARR, you would find that when the 'great communicator' was governor, he was quite fond of providing inmates from california prisons for medical experiments.

    in particular, he was quite fond on volunteering black inmates who turned from crime and became politicized. yeap, the old fat fraud got quite the charge out of "frying nigger scalps" to find out what the lethal amount of 'shock therapy' was.

    you might not care to believe it, maybe dismiss it as 'liberal lies', or 'commie propaganda'. but demon breath was a lousy actor and a piece of human shit.

    look the guy was an actor, he raised the bar for the new look of "BIG BROTHER". don't be deceived by the image...

  2. I will look into it. I can tell you right now the first thing that came to my mind when I read your comment was those "politicized inmates" you mention. Were likely connected to Marckas socialist, and connected to communist groups like Acorn and the like.

    Reagan had many covert wars, the war on Communism was one of them. In war people die.

    His decisions were good for the American people.

    A person does not need to be a saint to be a good president, he was not a saint but he had convection and back bone, when Reagan said something he meant it. Whomever he was speaking to new it.

    Remember he said: "Bigger government is not the solution government is the problem."
    Those words ring true today. His forethought on this socialist take over is uncanny. He also said 'government Health Care is the end of freedom in the US'
    He knew all this was coming.

    If we were to put Reagan economics in place right now, our trouble would soon be over.

    By the way, you dont need to use Anonymous to make comments I recognized your writing from bison blog comments your sign-in is: 4.11.44

  3. hum ! "marxist socialist" ? ACORN didn't exist in the sixties. I'm fairly certain you missed out on the sixties and VIETNAM... still in diapers ?

    second, i'm not a fan of finance crapitalism, but then you probably never read Von Mises magnus opus HUMAN ACTION either, therein you would have learned about crack up booms.

    Reagan was the first trillion dollar giveaway bitch to the big corporate welfare queens. good old ronnie boy was the first to 'shoot up' the economy with 'easy money' which set off the 30 year 'mother of all crack up booms'....

    a few years ago i realized another 'blow off' was coming, but i figured only 20% and not 50%, so i only survived, i didn't manage to get rich.

    anyway, through out history, when kings, queens, princes, prime ministers and regents got into financial trouble after a speculative frenzy ends in a market blow out, they invariably try and paper their way out of the jam. never any tightening of the belt, but always resorting to some or another financial flim flam.

    bushy the lesser tried to paper over his ivy league buddies gambling losses and debts. king obammy is trying to save the banksters, prop up the real estate market, feed the unemployed, and enrich the pharmacutical cartels.

    obviously theres only so many votes and so much loyalty one man can buy...

    they one thing you can expect ? a good 20 years of economic stagnation as the government 'cures' the ill of the day and the flavor of the month with a bag full of hot air...

    btw, i was just too lazy to use a sign-in, and some of it was to avoid drawing your attention to me (not too well, apparently) as well as your ire.

    communism ? not to my taste but an interesting issue. having been behind the iron and bamboo curtains, all i can say is, people is people and pigs is pigs. there's really very little difference between capitalists and communists, just different gangs on different street corners fighting over turf, talking tough, and mostly playing chicken.

  4. Don't get your attends twisted."marxist socialist" and groups like Acorn have been active in the US For longer than you have been alive.

    Shifty groups and clubs change there names often and operate under several names at the same time. The core of these groups is still the same or only mix and match from other groups. Agendas are always the same wanting something to everything for nothing.(to boil it down)

    Over the years the collective core is changing during life cycles.The mindsets only change by degree,when participants rotate.

    Lucille Ball was a reg. communist.Perhaps that's unimportant, but since you were in your prime.I thought it might jog your memory.