Monday, December 28, 2009

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ANSWERS - on Economic Crisis

I started my day early in the morning, awakened by an alarm clock (made in Japan). While preparing coffee in the coffee machine (made in China), I shaved with a razor (made in Hong Kong). Then I put on my shorts (made in Shri Lanka), jeans (made in Singapore) and athletic shoes (made in Korea). After cooking breakfast in a special electric pot (made in India) I took my calculator (made in Mexico), to check how much I could spend today.

After checking my watch (made in Taiwan) on the radio (made in India) I sat in my car (made in Japan), filled it with gasoline (made in Saudi Arabia) and went looking for a well-paid American job. At the end of another fruitless day, I sat at my computer (made in Malaysia), to relax a little, looked at the girls (made in Russia), put on my sandals (made in Brazil), poured myself a glass of wine (made in France) and started to watch TV (made in Indonesia), wondering why I can not find a well-paying job in America. Now, I hope to get help from my President (made in , , ,)

Truly yours,
A. P.

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  1. Funny stuff. Even a small town hardware store is stocked with foreign goods.

    Even a domestic make vehicle is made of mostly foreign components.
    Of course now its government owned car companies, So I guess its a double fuck.