Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm sure you will agree..............

I heard this on the radio the other day; I was listening to a conservative talk show. (I some times listen to the liberals show for a laugh.) This guy called in and said: "I'm sure you will agree....." The host stopped him and pointed out that his statement is some thing like a Yale debate team tactic. ( I've never been to Yale, so I dont know; they're probably closet homos anyway). To say "I'm sure you will agree" is a way to present a supposition to the listener(s) that;whom your speaking to agrees, with out him saying a word, there by gaining a point or an edge. You can use this to lead into two points in one statement. of course, an obvious statement in retort is " well, no I dont agree at all......" . But, still in doing this they have to divide your points, and address each individually by there own flaws (as-it were).

I have tried to debate with liberals its hard to do,even when your right;your still wrong. Slamming your dick in the door is more rewarding.

I have often wondered if learning debate tactics would aid in the cause of winning our country back. Suppose your at a table with some liberals, when politics come up (you know it will)If you were able to debate convincingly, You dont need to win; per se, If you are able to get there minds looking in the right direction.To see the big picture. even if people can be made to see only one truth at a time then over time, truths fall in place. The big picture of things seems to be a unanimous flaw in liberals; there thought is usually limited to what government will give them for free, they are oblivious to the fact that our government makes no money. Any money they have given, away they stole from another. I have known several liberals and mostly they seem to believe what ever they are told by there heroes, they dont seem to wonder why or how; like : Do we need another government program, and how is the money gotten to pay for it.

I have some family members and acquaintances that are very liberal, I have found them to be of poor moral fiber, Greedy, dishonest, and stupid or naive.

I'm sure you will agree,

Happy Trails!

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