Monday, December 28, 2009

Lets cook a turkey

Do you remember the turkeys Obama pardoned, Lets just say by the powers vested in me over ruled that of the falsely elected. The family cook (actually he is a truck drive/mechanic/manager, but still a dam fine cook) had recommended cooking the birds (them was some fiiiine loooookin birrrrrds) To, I think 160deg. at the breasts, to avoid the drying of other things like the drumsticks. The best part was we cooked them in a deep oil fryer (vegetable oil so OPEC didn't get there cut) The oil method worked well it needed a 5 gallon jug of oil and costs I think 25 bucks. The oil can be filtered and re-used if stored in a refrigerator. The cook, due to internet anonymity  will have to use his code name, also The FBI may have started a man hunt looking for the abducted turkeys, They will award the person with information a Nobel Peace Prize, and free Health Care for life [see restrictions] So for now we will call him, Ray Prize, Come to think of it I think he got a Peace Prize before but that's another post. I forgot what I was going to say, O ya Ray Prize, heated the oil to 350 then lowered the bird in slowly to avoid splatter, and then covered. I think each bird took around an hour till Brest temp was reached.



The bird looks good and tasted the best!

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