Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Health Care

This new Health Care Plan will not extend to most people till 2014. They will also have to pay 1600 a month, and be fined if they do not.

This is true. Its also a good point to mention to those who support this bill.
The problems I see with this are much greater than socialism or an even larger fat sluggish top heavy government. My biggest fear and I'm sure it will come to be, in fact 'I would bet the farm on it'...........This program will grow to criminalize those who do not pay this required premium, and remember the $1600 is only for a single person, a family will be much higher. If you are divorced, your judgment likely says something like "must carry insurance at your expense if available" Well, now its guess what? Now you have to get it or risk a bench warrant and jail time. Over time, even more if not all divorce and child support judgments will require you to pay health insurance (its done now with boring regularity).

This is bad, but the good news is, or the silver lining, is America's masses will all live in harmony and peace. We will be grateful Obaammaa graced the White House doorway, with his dark shadow........................But wait ... what about those dirty bastards that do not pay their Health Care? They will say they are the problem. They are why the health care program is going broke. It will be easy to cast them as villains. Remember the deadbeat dads of Clinton's welfare bill? ... His bill paved the way for states to villainize deadbeat dads by criminalizing them. They only needed to award judgments much higher than they could afford. That's why we have guys making only 10 bucks an hour and debts to the state 250k and higher. They over award the judgments, making it too high to pay. If you can't get the money, you have no choice, you can't pay. Then, usually most states charge 10% interest. The debt will never go away. They are a slave of half their income for the rest of there life.......The kid doesn't see the money, he or she is long gone. This is enforced by: garnishments, seizing accounts and assets, personal liens, real estate liens, license suspension, both driving and professional, seizing your passport. Don't forget an arrest warrant.

My concern is over time they will villainize the dead beat insurance citizen. In time, they will pass a bill to reform health care deadbeats. Then otherwise ordinary people will now be criminals.


  1. Welcome to Australia, we pay 1.5 percent of gross wages to public health care and still have to take out private unless we want to go on the 4 year waiting list.

    Oh yeh and the hospital system is constantly in 'crisis'.

  2. Anything government ALWAYS, costs more and does less. I cant think of any exceptions. Look at the military health system those guys and galls are on awaiting list. And they put their lives on the line!