Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Retreat Guard Dog

Here something you dont hear about (at least I haven't noticed it mentioned much when lurking around other blogs). A retreat guard dog.

I remembered this dog the other day when some mentioned a Cane Corso Dog. These dogs are kick ass, they are huge this one pictured is 185 lbs. He would have no problem physically to KILL a person, In fact he would relish the opportunity to kill.

This type of dog does not adjust to new people easily. When my Wife then GF met him it took months for him to adjust to her, its not that he diffident like her; he just doesn't like anybody new. You literately need to keep him chained-up if you dont want him to eat people.

This is a picture of the wife bossing him around, after he understood to take her commands. The pic doesentttdo them justice,(she's a tall European sex goddess)

This type of dog will adjust to the cold weather very well. I never had a problem with him leaving the property. He seamed to understand the fence-line as his boundary. This dog costs 1200.00 plus his plane ticket, he came from Ohio. Alot of the breeders are on the East Cost though. Most of the breeders are in Italy. A Cane Corso's organs are of Roman designed. The Cane Corso Federation is the registering group in the US.


  1. Nice dog. I agree the guard dog for retreat defense is often overlooked - even if the dog will not directly attack an intruder it can still serve as an early warning.

    Buck, you might be interested in reading this article.

  2. Thanks MD,for the link, good article. I think guard dogs may be overlooked because most people won't have the ability to train them.

    I prefer a Cane Corso because there pain tolerance is very high.....The only way to stop one is to kill them.