Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look out.

I just heard this on the radio, Goggle has come out with new net technology. They have a program called Google Goggle. (I know the name is funny but the technology is not). It allows you to take a picture of something then search for a likeness of the image on-line. The face feature is disabled. (for now!) Although, I'm sure the computer nerds will find a way to in-able a face-search.

The way it works is you can take a pic of say a trademark. Then search the net for the same trademark. The face search feature, is like face recognition technology, except now you could find them on the net, If they have any pic. posted anywhere.

Its not a leap to assume, Law Enforcement will use the face technology search. They would be able to use a search for anyone if they have their pic. and find any pic on the net; of course, They would not need a warrant, privacy does not apply to anything publicly available.

Just something to think about, before you post your wife on: Nude Survival Babes .com,,,,,:::::::::)

Seriously though, its something to think about before posting images.....This technology will only get better, and more available as time goes on.

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