Saturday, December 26, 2009


Meet Leroy (the one on the right) lives on the reservation, So if you have your own retreat.  Would like to meet a woman with her own car (his car is broken, he prefers a woman with an SUV.). She needs to have her own job, He doesn't want to get stuck with a freeloader ( he is between jobs, and someone needs to buy the beer).
His buddy Merv on the left is off limits, hes got a girl, besides he is a liberal. Leroy's new girl will need to be accepting to Merv.They regularly keep company to discuss world events. Moreover, Merv needs a place to stay when he's in dutch with the wife.

Leroy says his new woman must be attractive looks are important.(he is tired of getting stuck with the pigeon chested dogs)

So if your a hot babe with a rack, SUV, Job, and your own retreat. Leroy would love to make your acquaintance.

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