Monday, December 14, 2009

Retreat-Ranch in progress, part II

Ranch Retreat, The Purchase II
This is the second part of a multiple part post describing my Ranch Retreat project from the ground up. Please see part I, if you haven’t already. I included the complete and some times mundane portions to provide a detailed account. Buying land is a huge but necessary step, perhaps even stressful. Of course, owning the vacant land has a sense of security all its own. Building something on your own land has a reward that’s tough to describe, you will know what I mean when you start, if you’ve already done it , you already know.

When we left the last post, I was gathering information on the property, here are some of the things I found. Good news is, its bordered completely by BLM (public land). This is good for me, for several reasons, no chance of ever having neighbors, federal lands are almost never sold. Additional hunting and recreational access to thousands of acres is just over the fence line. For investment aspects it helps to preserve value and is likely to enhance value in the future, since public land will not change from its current condition. From a survivalist aspect you can rule out conflicts from neighbors (since there are none) when a disaster or collapse occurs. Another obvious bonus, natural land is austicitly pleasing. The biggest advantage is NO restrictions and NO covenance. By the way a worth while point to mention; Montana does not require a building permit, out side of a city for a private or residential building. Using the property information from the county, maps and other online sources, I was able to triangulate property boundaries to GPS-coordinates from this; I could walk the property knowing actual boundary lines. Giving me a precise knowledge of what exactily the property entails.

The biggest bonus is No power nearby. I checked with the power company to get an idea of the costs involved to bring in power, the nearest line was 15 miles away……They were talking upwards of 200k to bring in power (price includes sex, If you count them bending me over). So the money to bring power in would still leave 1.5 million for the rest of the project! Just kidding! Getting the 200k for power is as likely as a man from Kenya being elected president……Ahh, well maybe not a good example. The thing Is I don’t have 200k I can not get it. But, still a plus because, neither can most people. I will use this as a bargaining chip, for price negotiation (that’s why it’s a bonus). The fact is even if power were only say, 5k I still wouldn’t do it. Come on, why would I give them a huge chunk of money so I can pay them 200 dollars every month, to use there power, Ill use the wind to make mine, the power company makes enough money already, They don’t need my help, I don’t need theirs. I’ll do my own thing. (power companies are as bad as government, Its nice they will pay a guy 40+bucks an hour to drive around in a pick-up, then retire at 80% pay; for the rest of there life)……No thanks, I’ll keep my money for myself.(they can keep the change).

Now, lets check with the owner and get some price ideas, I gave the owner a call to soften the low ball bid. Not to give him a bid, but to let him know I was still interested….I let him know the huge price tag for line power (If one is polite its easy to give negative information to improve your position. Nobody likes an ass, I try not to be one.). I wanted to let him stew on that a while. Now, I had some cash, I had sold everything I could think of, This purchase would likely take every thing I had. Remember I am not rich far from It. I was railroaded by the state of California, yes they can reach you in Montana, any where in the US for that mater . They had been bleeding me for a while so I was taped but with the sale of my possessions, and the extra cash work, money added up quickly. The seller called me back a couple days later, this was a good, sign he had to know, I was planning on low balling him. He asked me if I had an offer for him. I took the chance and shot him an offer, After a long-long pause he came back with a higher offer, Then I paused for a while. I said well lets split the difference. He said Ok. This was good because that was all the money I had. We maid plans to close the next month. (I will have another post on deeds and closing to cover all the technical details to close with out a closing agent or attorney for now were looking at the big pic.). I didn’t give the dollar amount because the price is not as important, as the idea; there are some bargains out there, if you look hard, and are astute enough to recognize opportunity.

So, the closing went off with-out a hitch. I’ve got the land, now the work starts.

To be continued in part III


  1. Good series Buck, thanks. It will be a pleasure to read each and every one of these as they come out.

    On a side note Fannin County TX currently only requires a septic permit if you are outside of the city/town limits.

  2. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it, and its good to have you!

    Your information on Fannin, Co. TX. is good to note.

  3. Great series Buck, certainly gave me a new perspective.

    On a side note, was reading through Bison and came across one of your posts, could this possibly be true or was it just a joke? Can our government be that fucked?

    "How about when you did all the right things.The wife kid the house and car payments.A job to die for. Then out of the blue skies comes the wrath of government.

    Ya that's right, that bitch I fucked when I was 16 had a kid. she was 20yrs older than me.(I thought she was long gone). She had been on welfare for the 12 yrs sense. The garnishments took half my income. They placed a debt of 100k on me. They also Issued arrest warrants and suspended my drivers license. (it got funner each day).

    Long story short They took all I had in one way or another(including the wife and daughter). I still owe close to 100k I have paid 75k so far...

    Maybe Ill get the American dream in the next life.

    I cant wait till a collapse....Those fuckers already killed me. Ill take my chances in the woods."

  4. Anon,
    Glad you like the series! Please come by often.

    As for your question; Sad to say it is true. I have a detailed post that I haven't published yet. But it describes the entire situation. I hope you will stop by to read it, I hope to publish it next week.....Its very long.

    My point of telling the story is,I want people to know there are several ways the government and states, can remove your rights, without an opportunity to 'due process of law'.

    There are several ways the government has to "back door the court room".

    Thanks for your interest!